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Top Tech Trends Of The Week: The Tech World Stands By Black Lives Matter Movement

You may have missed most of these tech stories while they broke this week, this compilation of the top trends will make up for it. There are links to getting full coverage of the summary as well in this article.


While protests over the death of African-American, George Floyd, may have affected tech businesses as we wrote about in a post; the top bosses in the tech space have openly declared their support for the movement, below is a list of what some of them are doing:


— Mark Zuckerberg donated $10 million on behalf of Facebook in support of the ‘Black Community’.


— Google donated $12 million to groups tackling racial inequalities.


— Amazon has a ‘Black Lives Matter’ banner on its site.


— Microsoft has also been posting comments from their Black employees on social media to amplify their voice.


— Sony has pushed PlayStation 5’s event to a later date as well.


— Call of Duty: Modern Warfare shows users ‘Black Lives Matter’ while they play the game.


— Alexis Ohanian had resigned from Reddit board and requested that his place be taken by a Black person.


— EA Sports donated $1 million to Equal Justice Initiative and the NAACP Legal Defense & Educational Fund.

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In addition, Zuckerberg revealed that Facebook will be getting new policies to further restrict hate-inspired posts. This comes after news that the platform removed over 200 accounts promoting hate and flouting other rules.


Meanwhile, to discourage looting associated with the earlier-mentioned protests, Apple is blocking iPhones stolen from stores.


In other news, Google took down the trending Remove China Apps application from Play Store; here is why. The company also faces a $5 billion lawsuit in California concerning Chrome browser tracking users even in Incognito Mode.


Telegram unrolled new media features this week to keep its users engaged. In a reverse move that may see it lose users, Zoom revealed that ‘free users’ will not get its coming end-to-end encryption feature. Facebook also got a new feature, Manage Activity, that lets you manage old posts with ease; here is all you should know about it.


You may also want to read the backstory on why Trump’s team accused Snapchat of trying to rig the 2020 election. Another article that might interest you is the one on CTA’s plans for a digital CES 2021.


This week, we also saw Huawei claim that the US is targeting it because of 5G technology market share. Nokia also announced deploying the first optical connection between Africa and the US in a partnership with Angola Cables. Sky Sports also revealed that it will use FIFA game crowd noises when it begins broadcasting Premier League games.


You should catch up on some of the latest security threats to websites and Linkedin profiles and how you can protect yourself.


That is all the top tech trends of the week that you likely missed. Equipped with the knowledge from these top trends compilation, you can enter the new week informed.


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