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What Is Zuckerberg’s Plan To Avoid Trump-Like Content Issues In Future? – A New Set Of Facebook Policies

What Is Zuckerberg’s Plan To Avoid Trump-Like Content Issues In Future? – New Facebook Policies

Mark Zuckerberg had faced mounting criticism from both employees and external individuals following his decision to leave Donald Trump’s posts up on Facebook. The solution is that Facebook will be getting new policies soon.


How soon will these new Facebook policies, addressing posts on the platform, come? The company’s CEO has not provided a time frame, but it seems like he would want it ready before the November election. So, expect new policies on how you use Facebook soon.


To understand better why the pressure is so much on Zuckerberg, consider the following:


— The same Donald Trump post that had the statement ‘when the looting starts, the shooting starts’ was flagged by Twitter. While the platform did not take it down, it reduces its visibility with a banner announcing that the post glorifies violence.


— Snapchat has limited the number of people that can see Donald Trump’s posts by removing them from its Discover section.

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Thus, with other social media companies doing something about the President’s internet rants; Facebook does not want to be caught on the fence playing ‘neutral’. This had been the CEO’s initial stance, but so far, it has put him in a bad light.


So, he started considering his options. First, he held a virtual meeting with employees and listened to questions and suggestions from about 5,500 of them. He also likely read the letter that they wrote. All these contributed to his response:


“I know many of you think we should have labeled the President’s posts in some way last week. We’re going to review potential options for handling violating or partially-violating content aside from the binary leave-it-up or take-it-down decisions.”


Zuckerberg also acknowledged that there is a need to change its current policy as it appeared not to be watertight enough. He continued with his statement:


“Our current policy is that if content is actually inciting violence, then the right mitigation is to take that content down – not let people continue seeing it behind a flag. There is no exception to this policy for politicians or newsworthiness. I think this policy is principled and reasonable, but I also respect a lot of the people who think there may be better alternatives, so I want to make sure we hear all those ideas.”

What to expect from Facebook’s new policies?

Likely, the company will improve its control on posts that border on sensitive issues like racism, abuse (in all forms), and politics. Additionally, Facebook may give its Groups feature a makeover as well. This is because some have been in the spotlight recently for disagreements over race-related content.


While nothing is certain yet, we are sure that Facebook will come through with its promise on new policies. When it is rolled out, we will be on hand to give you firsthand details about it.


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