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Tech Businesses In Chicago Likely To Suffer Amidst George Floyd Protests

Protests in Chicago for the arrests of police officers implicated in the killing of George Floyd may have negative impacts on tech businesses in the area. In this article, we look at some of what is already happening in the tech industry as regards the protests; and what other effects they are likely to have.


Several news sources confirm that Target will be closing all its 175 stores in the US due to looting associated with George Floyd’s death protests. Target is one of the largest stores in the country and it is home to many electronics and tech devices. Its closure would mean a drop in sales of these products.


Considering that many of the tech stores are just opening in the US after lockdown measures are being lifted in some locations; the protests come at a bad time for tech businesses that are hoping to recover from the pandemic. Plans would start crumbling and we can already see some happening.

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For example, Google had to cancel its plan to unveil the Android 11 and EA Sports are delaying Madden 21 reveal due to the unrest surrounding the protests.


However, George Floyd’s death protests would be harder on tech businesses in Chicago because it is the hub of the unrest. Floyd had been killed in Minneapolis, Chicago by Derek Chauvin, a police officer. This is why most of the protests, lootings, and clashes with armed forces are happening in the area.


According to the website, Built In Chicago, the city has more than 124 tech startups and businesses. Popular stores like Gamestop, Verizon, AT&T, Apple, Microsoft, Sprint and T-Mobile are also in the area. With the vandalism and break-ins going on, most of these businesses will likely make the decision to stay closed.


2020 has seen the tech industry take major hits and the US atmosphere looks potent for further escalation. Also, not forgetting that the hacktivists group, Anonymous is focused on disrupting tech activities further. Thus, it would not be surprising if they pile on the woes for tech business in Chicago and the US.


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