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The CTA Unrolls Plans For A Digital CES In Las Vegas Next Year

The Consumer Technology Association (CTA), organisers of the most influential tech events in the world, CES, unrolls plans for the next one in 2021. They revealed in a blog post that they plan for it to be an “in-person event in Las Vegas”.


However, as everyone is aware, the world has changed since the pandemic. Thus, many organisations are changing the way they work and the way people meet. The CTA is no different as well. While it plans to continue making the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) an in-person event, 2021’s edition would have a “wider selection of livestreamed CES content”.


In addition to CTA’s plan to expand the show’s digital reach; the organisation says it will be bringing many other engaging digital and virtual opportunities. It wrote:


“We will showcase our exhibitors’ products, technology breakthroughs and ideas to the world, both physically in Las Vegas and digitally.”

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The Consumer Technology Association claims to be working closely with the Las Vegas community to expand safety, security and health measures. It adds that it is also working with leading event industry associations to make the CES 2021 better. Public health experts and federal government recommendations will guide all of CTA’s plans.


To ensure this is so, the event will have regularly sanitised and cleaned spaces along with sanitisation stations. Also, it will have widened aisles and more spaces between seats during conference programs to promote social distancing. Not surprisingly, attendees may have to wear masks and avoid shaking hands as well.


The CTA agrees that the plans are just samplings and could change before January 2021. The only thing that is certain is that CES 2021 will bring the best of innovations. With the improved digital contents, more people from remote locations can attend the event.


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