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Regina Askia-Williams Is Sharing Her Experience As A Frontliner Working With Covid-19 Patients

Nigerian Actress turned nurse Regina Askia-Williams has been featured on Genevieve Magazine’s Digital Issue. The issue is focused is on celebrating healthcare heroes around the world.


On the inside, Regina Askia-Williams gets candid on the daily challenges of being a health worker during a pandemic.


As a Registered Nurse Practitioner in New York, she is one of the medical professionals at the epicenter of the COVID-19 outbreak in the world.

Regina Askia-Williams
Photo: Bellanaija

In the very detailed exclusive interview, Regina Askia-Williams speaks about her experiences on the frontlines. She also talks about coping with the deaths of patients and how she and her family are coping with her new and strained routines.

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When asked about her experience on the frontline, she said

“We are often in an enclosed space with [sick] patients, who are coughing, [with] oxygen levels dropping. You turn them on their stomachs, you put them on 100 percent non-rebreather.

Regina Askia-Williams

When that doesn’t work you call for high flow; when that doesn’t work you consult for ICU. With those who sign a DNI/DNR, you start a morphine drip and organize a Zoom-meet with the family, so they can say their goodbyes. The COVID patient dies the loneliest death. No family, no loved ones by their side.


You hold your patient’s hands and comfort them as they pass. Then you go to the bathroom and cry. The nurses are going to need therapy sessions to deal with their PTSD after this.”


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