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Reddit Bans Popular Donald Trump Supporters' Forum ‘The_Donald’

Reddit Bans Popular Donald Trump Supporters’ Forum ‘The_Donald’

In a recent story, Reddit took the axe to ‘The_Donald’, a subreddit or a forum on Reddit platform that advocates for the interest of Donald Trump. Read more about this story in this article.


Reddit’s axing of the large forum is not an isolated case. Social media platforms have come under pressure in recent days after almost everyone is joining forces to ensure that they up their efforts in censoring content on the platform.


In fact, at the height of the #BlackLivesMatter movement, Reddit’s co-founder, Alex Ohanian had withdrawn from the board. And as he had requested, Michael Seibel, a black person, replaced him.


The platform had assured users and other members of the public that it will do more in preventing hateful, discriminatory, and racist content. Now, the New York Times says in a report that Reddit has just banned ‘The_Donald’.

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‘The_Donald’ is a forum on Reddit that supports the United States President, Donald Trump. The company’s CEO Steve Huffman had revealed that the forum broke its policy bordering on ‘harassment, hate speech and targeting’.


Reddit had also banned over 2,000 other subreddits from its platform as well. ‘The_Donald’ had 790,000+ users, making it one of the biggest casualties in this recent axing exercise.


Pro-Trump social media users have felt under attack with the recent increased social media moderations. It looks like it would get a lot more serious as the platforms they use are getting stricter.


Facebook that had been the main focus in the call for more responsibility has announced improved policies. Parler, a new app that offers fewer restrictions, has been getting more attention recently. You can read more about the Parler app here.


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