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Productivity App Of The Week: Learn How To Use Trello

Trello is a productivity app that is used to create task boards with several columns and move the tasks between them. Learn how you can start to use this application to become more productive at work and handling your projects as well.


While it is a simple tool to use, users may have to spend some time experimenting before knowing how best it can help them and their team. To get started, simply go to the Trello website and signup using your email address.


Once this is successful, you are taken to a page that requires you to fill in details about your team and what you will be using the app for. Also, you can add people you want to collaborate with by entering their email addresses.


The main page opens after filling the necessary boxes on the opening page. Trello offers four major components namely: Boards, Lists, Cards and Menu. Below is a brief explanation of what the components are used for:


how to use Trello board
Screenshot of Trello Productivity app board.


1. Boards: It represents a project or a space to keep track of information. Whatever it is you are doing, be it writing a new novel or something else the Trello board will help users organise tasks and also collaborate with colleagues, family, or friends.

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2. Lists: This further keeps the various stages of progress organised. It can serve as a workflow where cards are moved across lists from start to finish, or simply act as a place to keep track of ideas and information. The number of lists one can add to a board is limitless, and they can be arranged however you like.


3. Cards: As mentioned, cards make up the board on Trello. Cards represent tasks and ideas to keep you focused and productive. A card represents what needs to get done. To use it, Just click “Add a card…” at the bottom of any list to create a new card, and give it a name as you want.


Users also customise cards to hold a wide variety of useful information by clicking on them. Add as many cards as you like.


4. Menu: Located on the right side, it serves as the mission control center for boards. It allows users to manage members, control settings, filter cards, and enable Power-Ups. Also, view all of the activity that has taken place on a board in the menu’s activity feed.


There is so much more users can achieve with Trello, start using it today. You can as well connect to other productivity apps like Slack from Trello.


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