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Productivity App Of The Week: Learn How To Use Toggl

Get more done with the Toggl productivity app, a time tracking app operated by Toggl OÜ. It will help you manage your time properly and put more out than you used to. Learn how to use Toggl below.


Users can operate the Toggl app on both their mobile devices and on PCs. It offers online time tracking and reporting services. Toggl tracks time based on tasks and projects, either through an interactive task timer or through manual entry. Toggl also allows online tracking user’s apps.


To start using the Toggl app, you need to first sign up. After completing the signup page, you are taken to a dashboard where you start to manage your various projects. Basic features on the Toggl interface includes the following:


1. Timer: the Timer feature allows users to add their different projects to the board and also start a timer to see how long it takes to complete a job. While the billing feature is not available in the free trial plan, it is useful if you are on a paid plan. With this feature, you get to see how much you make over time.

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2. Analyze: under the Analyze feature, users get to see more details about each of their projects. You can use such analysis tools as Reports and Insights as well as a dashboard to further manage your projects. You can also choose to save some reports to reference them or share them.


3. Manage: this feature does exactly what it says; it allows users to manage everything from ongoing projects to finished ones. It also gives access to added clients and users get to create a team with this feature. In the free trial mode, admins can only add five people to a group.


There are many more activities one can carry out on the Toggl platform. While it seems to be tailor-made for freelancers, managers and group leaders will find it very useful. Students can also use it when they have group activities or to practice their time management skills.


The various plans that are available on Toggl are given below.


Toggl plans.


Even on the free trial plan, users can create different workplaces and invite four more colleagues to join them on a project. For more information on what you can use Toggl for, visit the Toggl features page.


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