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How Playing Games On Your Smartphones Can Improve Your Productivity

Productivity is important in this idea-powered world, thus you should know about some games that increase this ability.


It is common knowledge that people can improve their productivity by using many apps available on their smartphones. Since productivity is visible most times via output, some limit it to using apps that make tasks easier to achieve and in lesser time as well.


While this is beneficial, it is a narrow view of productivity as regards smartphone applications. Because brain ability plays a major role in how productive a person is, it makes it important for everyone to train their brains to become more powerful.


One sure way to do this is by playing some games tailored to polish the way one thinks or approaches tasks. To get the best out of these games, it is recommended that you play them every day for at least 30 to 45 minutes. Break periods can be used more effectively playing these games while you relax.

How games improve productivity

1. Games that involve solving puzzles or some other kind of problems in innovative ways can build problem-solving skills. Popular games like Sudoku and other crosswords are effective and can be completed in short periods.


2. Strategy games can improve one’s ability to plan and be more proactive. However, since popular ones like Chess, Checkers and Draughts can take longer, you can download games that only require achieving shorter moves. Some even place players in positions and give them problems requiring two or three moves.

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3. Playing vocabulary themed games is a good way to improve both speaking and writing skills. There are many games that pose questions that require the meaning of words as well as correct and incorrect speeches as well.


4. Numeracy games are as good for adults as they are for children. Most of these games improve the speed at which one can calculate numbers in creative ways.


5. Spatial games like Tetris can help players better able to recognise shapes and objects and fit them into correct spaces. Playing this game, there is a likelihood that it will improve your organisation skill over time.


6. Games that require matching words and pictures or those that require recognising patterns will improve cognitive performance. Besides improving your memory, it will likely improve processing speed as well as general mental flexibility.


Some popular ones by the number of downloads are:


  1. Elevate
  2. IQ Challenge
  3. Mind Games
  4. Smarter
  5. Skillz
  6. Logic Master
  7. Word Picture
  8. Brain Buzzer
  9. Brain Games


Start playing these games while you train your brain to perform better and become more productive.


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