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Foldable Phones Problems As Motorola Razr And Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Are Unraveling Already

In February 2020, both Motorola and Samsung released their foldable devices into the market with the names, Razr and Galaxy Z Flip respectively. However, they are already experiencing issues that are disappointing to their customers.


The Motorola Razr debuted on 6th February 2020 after the company had delayed its release for some months from late 2019. Meanwhile, Samsung launched its own Galaxy Z Flip into the market on Valentine’s day, 14th February 2020.


It did not take long for both innovative devices to encounter issues. Motorola’s device was the first to come under scrutiny. According to a test run by CNet, the phone failed to pass the unfolding test.


Using a Foldbot that unfolds devices, the Motorola Razr started to experience unfolding issues at about the 27,000th unfolding and folding exercise. It had begun with squeaky sounds from the tired folding-unfolding mechanism of the phone. By when CNet stopped the test, the phone could not fold any more.


This is an uncomfortable find as it means that average heavy smartphone users who unlock their devices around 63-80 times a day would experience issues into one year of using the Motorola Razr.

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It even gets worse as Ars Technica reported that many users started experiencing hinge problems as soon as they unboxed their Motorola Razr. Also, the screen lifted off the frame of the phone when folded several times.


It is not so different for the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip as well. The problems initially began with the fact that the clamshell cover of the phone collected fingerprints causing smudges. Thus, making the phone unpleasant to look at after inevitably handling it for long.


But it gets worse as well. A durability test conducted by a YouTuber, Jerry Rig Everything, showed that Samsung had not actually made a foldable glass as they claimed. Rather they had designed a plastic screen and called it an “ultra-thin glass” display on their website.


The video below shows more details of the test.



For foldable phones that cost between $1,379.99 and $1,500, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and Motorola Razr would not be valuable for everyday use.


However, despite this discrepancy, Galaxy Z Flip has proved more durable than Razr as far as foldable phone problems are concerned.


This has led many to conclude that while foldable phones are good concepts; they are not ready for the market with their many problems. Also, Apple has started designing its own, and we look forward to its product.


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