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Top Trends Of The Week 17th February 2020: Twitter Suspends Pro-Bloomberg Accounts

The week of 17th February 2020 spiraled to a dramatic end in tech circles as Twitter suspended pro-Bloomberg accounts. In the same week, we saw many tech bosses agree that artificial intelligence tech needed regulation.


Let us run through a quick summary of all top tech stories that broke this week in our top tech trends of the week.

Twitter suspends 70+ Pro-Bloomberg accounts

Mike Bloomberg chose to exploit the social media world with Twitter accounts that pushed his presidential campaign right up to people’s phone screens. However, Twitter was having none of that.


In line with the platform’s new policy, it suspended up to 70 of pro-Bloomberg accounts. Its reason was that they were engaging in platform manipulation, thus spoiling other users’ experience. This may mean more for many influencers who have turned Twitter into a cash cow.

Google’s new terms of service

While searching on Google, you may have noticed a notification just at the top of your screen about Google’s new terms of service. We had published an article giving users the most important things to know about this update.


Google did not change much of its terms but it is still important to know what it is trying to pass across. This is why it makes it into our top tech trends of the week list.

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Google’s AI to stop identifying genders

Google again has a story in our top tech trends of the week. This time, it announced that its algorithm that identifies photos — including genders — would start to refer to everyone as a person. This is because the company recognises that it is difficult to identify people’s genders by physical appearance alone.


Further, it explained that misgendering could lead to bias and unfair treatment. Something, the company stands against.

Microsoft new icons design

Microsoft revealed that Windows 10 users would be getting new icon designs in the coming weeks. This improvement, the company reveals, is to allow users to get a more familiar feeling when using their PCs. The company had also given Windows 10 users the much sought after dark mode.

Elon Musk Valentine’s day shares buying

Tesla CEO, Elon Musk had been busy on Valentine’s day. And it is not related to a lover, as the billionaire reportedly bought enough shares in his own company to now give him up to 18.5% hold on it.


He had also been the most vocal on the issue of regulation AI tech. Musk whose most valued company, Tesla, uses AI to make self-driving cars acknowledged that artificial intelligence tech is too dangerous to be left unregulated.

SpaceX and Boeing Co. will be taking civilians to space

Among this week’s top tech trending stories is one about SpaceX and Boeing Co. reaching a deal with the NASA which could see people who can afford to pay, go to the Internation Space Station.


Although the details are not yet clear, especially what it would cost, the Space Adventures agency will be in charge of this new business.


The same week, Amazon boss Jeff Bezos had donated $10 billion to tackle climate change. Also, Facebook had to cancel its annual conference for fear of further spreading the coronavirus.


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