You are currently viewing Top Tech Trends Of The Week 6th January 2020: All About CES 2020

Top Tech Trends Of The Week 6th January 2020: All About CES 2020

We bring you the top tech trends of the week. In the second week of January, the tech world witnessed the always intriguing Customer Electronic Show (CES) 2020.


The Las Vegas show was indeed spectacular. One attendee had said that he always felt like he was landing on another highly technologically advanced planet at each CES.


However, other stories managed to catch our attention. Find out more summaries of the juiciest tech stories of the week.


tech trends of the week
Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR

1. Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR

When Sony had unveiled its own electric car, we had all believed that auto tech was under wrap at the CES 2020. But we had concluded too quickly. Mercedes-Benz stole the whole highlight with its Vision AVTR electric car.


Designed to be as bionic as possible, it is almost a living machine. Although it may not be entering the market anytime soon, the tech is worth reading about.

2. Samsung Invisible Selfie-Type Keyboard

Samsung also wowed at the CES 2020. After launching some of its products, its last card was the Invisible Selfie-Type keyboard. The tech eliminates the need for carrying external hardware.


It works using the front camera of smart devices to track hand movements translating these into word.

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top tech trends of the week
Hyundai-Uber flying taxi

3. Hyundai-Uber flying taxi

Another futuristic achievement at the electronic show is Hyundai and Uber’s product. They showcased their combined effort of a flying taxi prototype that may be in use by 2023.


However, many works still need to be done as the company’s executive said in the article.

4. Windows 7 expires

Despite been known for some time now, it seems many did not heed the warning that Microsoft will stop supporting Windows 7 by 14th January 2020.


With few days to go now, those involved are scrambling to update their Windows 7 to Windows 10. We published a helpful article on how to do it for free.

5. Apple and FBI clash over privacy

Another year and another clash between the FBI and Apple over iPhone privacy. This time, the FBI requested that Apple give them access to a suspected shooter’s device.


The company had only been able to provide data the user uploaded and announced that they cannot unlock the device without creating new software. See the full details here.


top tech trend
Facebook and Apple executives at CES 2020

6. Uber’s Project Luigi

The government of Australia began a crackdown on some companies and Uber is among them. What the whole issue boils around is a new law demanding that the company treat its workers as ’employees’.


This will likely change a lot of terms and conditions in the working relationship. Uber created the Project Luigi to checkmate this law. Under the project, workers can reject some drive requests, therefore making them work as freelancers rather than employees.

7. Sonos suing Google

Sonos is suing Google for using its patented tech in making its own speakers. According to reports, the company had warned Google and had not gotten a favorable response. Therefore, Sonos is setting a lawsuit against Google in motion.


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