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Use The Dark Mode Settings And More To Give Your Windows 10 A New Look

You may think your PC running on Windows 10 is boring after using it every day for the past months, but why not give it a new look with the dark mode? Also, you can use some other interesting background and lock screen settings to improve the overall look.


It seems every software company is tripping over themselves to provide the dark mode. In fact, it now comes preset in many apps and software. Those who had launched before the popularity of the ultra night colour have been hardpressed by users.


While macOS users had been able to access the dark mode for a long time, Windows users had been left out. It must have been frustrating with even Android 10 users and other recent smartphones getting the feature.


Now, Windows 10 has the much sought after dark mode. To use it, follow the steps outlined below:



  1. Go to the Settings panel.
  2. Choose Personalization and then tap on the Colors option.
  3. Next, access the Choose your color option and tap on Dark.


Enjoy your laptop’s new look. Also, you can opt to see other shades by choosing the Custom option. The Transparency effects settings allow you to choose if you want the dark mode to affect the taskbar or not. You can choose to leave it on or switch it off.


There are other ways to make your laptop more enjoyable. You can change the settings of your lock screen from just one picture to different ones. To allow the Windows team to provide you with beautiful picture changes every day, do the following:


Windows 10 spotlight settings


  1. From the Personalization panel, choose the Lock screen option.
  2. Next, leave the setting on Windows spotlight to allow the lock screen image to change automatically.
  3. To change the background pictures, you can tap on the setting on the personalization panel as well.
  4. If you choose the Solid color option, your background will look like you see below.


Windows 10 dark mode


Give your laptop a new look with these settings and more. Your Windows 10 can do many things as the developers keep rolling out new features.


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