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Elon Musk Says Artificial Intelligence Technology Should Be Regulated

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Tesla CEO, Elon Musk believes that organizations working on developing artificial intelligence (AI) should be regulated. He also believes his own companies should not be left out in any potential regulation.


In his usual style, Musk aired his thoughts on A.I. on 17th February 2020 in response to an investigative article written on research company OpenAI.



When a Twitter user asked if he thinks the regulation should be done by individual governments or on a global scale, Musk replied that he’d prefer both.



Elon Musk was one of the founders of Open AI but he since parted ways with the company.

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Replying a tweet posted back in July 2019 regarding how OpenAI’s initial identity as a nonprofit, and the company’s intentions to license its closed technology.

Reasonable concerns regarding OpenAI’s direction

Musk said that there were “reasonable concerns.”



Musk left OpenAI in February 2019. The separation was reportedly due to disagreements about the company’s direction.


Elon Musk has previously spoken out about the potential dangers of A.I. During a talk sponsored by South by Southwest in Austin in 2018, Tesla and SpaceX CEO talked about the dangers of artificial intelligence.


“Mark my words,” Musk warned at the time. “A.I. is far more dangerous than nukes. So why do we have no regulatory oversight?” he asked.


In April 2019, Musk during an interview at the World Artificial Intelligence Conference in Shanghai, China, said that computers would eventually surpass us in every single way.


“The first thing we should assume is we are very dumb,” Musk said, “We can definitely make things smarter than ourselves.”


Musk cited computer programs that allow computers to beat chess champions after teaching itself, as well as technology from Neuralink, his own brain interface company as examples.


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