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Top Tech 2020 Events Canceled Because Of The Coronavirus

Since the widespread of the coronavirus, many tech events have been canceled in 2020, thus, we compiled a list of the top and most widely attended ones.


While many are aware of the health implications of the continuous spread of the coronavirus, it seems to be all that they can focus on. Of course, health comes first but there are other ways the world is changing due to this epidemic.


Finances have faced a huge blow and the tech world is also not left out of the far-reaching arms of the virus. Below, we provide a list of top tech events that will not hold in 2020 due to the coronavirus.


1. Mobile World Congress

This is dubbed the most important tech event. It offers both enthusiasts and investors an ecosystem to meet with mobile phone developers. This was why the cancelation of the event in Barcelona 2020 took a lot of time.


There is the consideration of the amount of money that the GSM Association had already been put into planning the event. Also, there is the fact that many firms likely banked on showcasing their tech at the event.


However, with many top tech firms pulling out, the GSMA announced on 12th February 2020 that the MWC will not hold on 24th to 27th February as previously scheduled. By that time, there was already a case of the virus in Spain.

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2. Facebook’s F8 developers conference

Facebook who had been part of the first companies to pull out of the above mention MWC event also had to cancel its own event. The Facebook F8 is a mostly-annual conference. It is for developers and entrepreneurs who build products and services around the website.


Initially, the company had fixed the conference for 5th and 6th May. However, it had to cancel it replacing it with locally hosted events, videos and live-streamed content. Facebook announced this on 27th February 2020.


3. Google cancels Las Vegas conference

Google also found no way around the virus as it had to cancel its tech event scheduled for March in Las Vegas because of the coronavirus. In a statement, a representative of the company said:


“In light of the evolving coronavirus situation we made the decision to cancel an internal event that would have brought thousands of employees together from across two continents.”


4. Game Developers Conference

The Game Developers Conference, an annual conference for video game developers is also allegedly under threat. According to reports, it is likely that the event will be canceled.


What is confirmed for now is that the organisers have postponed the event from 16th to 20th March 2020 to an undisclosed future date. Meanwhile, top tech companies like Microsoft, Electronic Arts and Sony have pulled out of the event.


The threat of the coronavirus proves potent and is having many companies resort to organising live-streaming events. Some countries are also banning large gatherings entirely.


Since coronavirus has found its way into Lagos, Nigeria, we wrote an article on what you can do.


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