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As COVID-19 Sneaks Into Lagos, Here Are Some Things You Can Do

Nigeria had somehow eluded the far-reaching tentacle-like arms of the COVID-19 until it was finally confirmed to have entered its busiest city, Lagos. The news of the virus broke in the early hours of Friday on 28th February 2020.


According to Aljazeera, Nigerian health experts have confirmed their first case of the coronavirus. The case involves a man who had flown in from Italy on 25th February 2020. While the authorities have already been strategising in expectation of the virus, efforts would have to double now.


The victim of COVID-19 in Lagos is reportedly already in quarantine and treatments have commenced. However, the responsibility spreads to everyone from corporate heads to community leaders and also individuals. Below are some things you can do.

Corporate heads

Heads of organisations have the responsibility of looking after their employees and can do the following:

1. They should mandate the human resources (HR) department to organise sensitisation about the virus. Also, the information that is being spread should be confirmed and trusted before it is passed on.

2. They can also set up sanitisation points at the different entrances of offices.

3. In cases where the spread of the virus becomes larger and seems beyond control, it may be practical to consider telling staff to work remotely.

Community leaders

Religious leaders, family heads and other important figures also have their work cut out for them. Since they have the listening ears of people, they should spread only confirmed information. Also, they should not suppress important details or downplay the seriousness of situations.

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In the end, it falls to individuals to do their best in the face of this spreading menace. While awareness about the coronavirus is important, what is most important is what is done with this information. Heare some things, you as a person can do to curtail the spread of the virus:

1. Ensure that you spread only verified information about the coronavirus. Sensational stories should be checked properly and if you are unsure, leave the information until it is confirmed.

2. Maintain strict hygiene routines such as washing the hands regularly, avoid touching your face and use hand sanitizers often.

3. Avoid making unnecessary physical contacts in public. While this is difficult in Lagos with its many crowded places, it is very important.

4. Also, while it is nearly impossible for some not to use commercial transport, it is worth considering other options. Using ride-hailing services may be a more viable option. If this is too expensive to one can consider carpooling with colleagues or friends.

5. Stay updated to know where and where the coronavirus has been confirmed. Use this real-time Novel Coronavirus Map to monitor the progress of the coronavirus by country.


People wearing protective masks walk at Hong Kong Station, China. Photo: Bloomberg.

Myths about the COVID-19

While there have been several speculations about the coronavirus, some of them are actually untrue. Below we debunk some popular myths about the COVID-19:

  • That it is some form of bio-weapon — many have postulated that it is a bio-weapon while others had said that it was devised to control the population in China. These may seem like interesting stories and add elements of intrigue, yet, there is no fact to back them up. For one, scientists themselves have said that science is far from creating a virus as powerful as the COVID-19 in a lab. Also, there are more effective ways to control a country’s population than releasing a virus that kills only about 2% of its victims. When heart diseases and accidental injuries have caused a higher number of deaths.
  • Having the coronavirus means death — experts and statistics show one fundamental truth: COVID-19 is not a death sentence. Only a very small fraction of people infected with the virus have died so far.
  • Receiving packages from China can spread the virus — this is another false assumption. The WHO says: “People receiving packages from China are not at risk of contracting the new coronavirus. From previous analysis, we know coronaviruses do not survive long on objects, such as letters or packages.”
  • Pets spread the virus — while pets could spread other viruses, the WHO confirms that the COVID-19 it is not the case this time. In fact, humans are more likely to infect their pets.

See a video of some other speculations that have been debunked:


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If you know of anyone exhibiting symptoms of the virus in Lagos, you can call the following lines: 0802 316 9485, 08033565529 and 08052817243.


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