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Tech Trends To Watch Out For By IBM’s Country Manager Dipo Faulkner

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IBM’s country manager, Dipo Faulkner was one of the facilitators at Access Bank Nigeria and Technology Distributions Limited (TD Africa) training event themed: Good to Great, at the Suru Express Hotel in G.R.A Ikeja on 20th February 2020.


The training event organised for TD Africa’s partners is part of the company’s initiative to empower its partners and also properly position them for its new financial year beginning in April 2020.


Dipo Faulkner, the country manager for IBM Nigeria made a presentation on future trends in technology. The areas in technology that he believes will undergo significant development are;

Hyper Automation

This involves the application of advanced technologies including AI and machine learning to increasingly automate processes and augment human capabilities.


This will make business processes faster and more efficient. Mr. Faulkner believes that this won’t take away jobs although, it might change their definition. He also believes organizations must rapidly identify and automate all possible business processes.


IBM’s Country manager, Dipo Faulkner at the Access Bank Good to Great forum organised for partners of Technology Distributions Limited. Photo: Plat4om

Multichannel Experience

Mr. Faulkner says this will change the way people perceive, interact and control the digital world across a wide range of devices and sensory touchpoints.


Virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) will change how people perceive the digital world. Enterprises will be experimenting with immersive technologies for consumer and enterprise use. Cinematic experiences, for example, will be transformed by this trend.

Empowered Edge

This is a computing topology in which information processing and content collection and delivery are placed closer to the sources and consumers of this information. Advanced computing technology and the development of 5G connectivity will also be major talking points.

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Hybrid Distribution Cloud

This involves a mix of public, private and on-premises cloud resources from different vendors. It allows for the best solution to tasks at hand while avoiding being locked into any single vendor.


Meaning a shift from a centralised model to one in which the services are distributed and delivered at the point of need.

Practical Blockchain

Blockchain comes with the potential to reshape industries by enabling trust, providing transparency and also enabling value exchange across business ecosystems.


Its transparent system allows parties involved in any transaction access to see the same information. Integration is simplified by having a shared model. Mr. Faulkner believes this will be the solution to the lack of coordination in Nigeria’s identity management system.

Quantum Computing

This is also one of the future’s most promising technologies. Dipo Faulkner believes that quantum computing has the potential to solve difficult business problems that classical computers cannot.

Human Augmentation

This involves the enhancement of human capabilities and capacity through the use of technology and science.


Augmented intelligence involves scenarios where humans and artificial intelligence work together to enhance cognitive performance, including decision making and learning.


An example will be the use of wearables to monitor patients’ vital signs and also complement health care.

Autonomous Things

Robots, drones, autonomous vehicles/ships, industrial equipment, and appliances will also witness rapid development and changes.


Dipo Faulkner expects a shift from stand-alone intelligent things to a swarm of collaborative intelligent things, working together, either independently of people or with humans.


In the end, Mr. Faulkner says he believes that an element of self-control and governing principles must also be in place in order to get the maximum value from these tech trends.


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