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HTC Is Improving Its Vive Cosmos VR Line Up And Working On A Prototype AR Technology

HTC announced on 20th February 2020 that it is expanding its range of virtual reality headsets and also revealed an Augmented reality device, “Project Proton”. The Verge explained that the Proton-named device is still a prototype. But the VR headsets will be an upgrade of its Vive Cosmos lineup launched in 2019.


The Proton headset may look like the upcoming Cosmos XR. This is because both are built for mixed or augmented reality experiences. However, the difference is that it uses passthrough video instead of transparent waveguide lenses unlike Microsoft or Magic Leap’s mixed reality glasses.


Proton AR prototype HTC
Proton AR prototype concept photo. Photo: HTC


Also, the Proton does not have the complicated look of the Cosmos XR rather, The Verge describes it as “large sunglasses”.  HTC has two approaches to designing the device:


The first is a fully self-contained product. While the other offloads some components to a wired external pack, that looks like the Magic Leap One’s puck-like Lightpack.

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Yves Maitre, HTC CEO, explained that the reason for the other design is so that it can support 5G. He also revealed that test users made it convincingly clear that they’re leery of a headset with a 5G antenna.  He said:


“We do believe that it’s not reasonable to have a 5G antenna near the brain of customers, so obviously this is something that we don’t want to do.”


As for the coming VR selection, HTC has arranged headsets namely: Cosmos Elite, Cosmos Play and Cosmos XR. Each of the coming new faceplates improves users’ experience, especially for VR games.


HTC Vive Cosmos headset
Photo: Digital Trends


While the new VR headsets would be available soon, Maitre affirmed that the Proton AR is still in the prototype stage. However, the company would likely be working to make it available soon as AR games may soon become more mainstream than they already are.


Companies like Epson, Google, ThirdEye Gen Inc., Toshiba and many more are already laying claims of the AR market.


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