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Top Tech Trends Of The Week: Lagos Ride-Hailing Ban Takes Effect

This week 27th January 2020, the Lagos State motorcycle and tricycle ban dominated the top tech trends in Nigeria. There were also the effects of the Coronavirus outbreak on tech companies both in China and in the world. While we were able to report most of these top stories, we bring you quick summaries of the most talked about.

1. Lagos State ride-hailing ban

In a surprising turn of events, the Lagos State government has outlawed the use of motorcycles and tricycles to convey passengers on many major roads. It is a surprising development because most of 2019 was dominated by talks of these tech start-ups reaching different agreements with government agencies.


tech start-up Lagos ban protest
Ride-hailing operators protest Lagos ban


The huge blow came with the ban going into full swing by 1st February 2020. Despite protests and many complaints, it seems the ban will not be repealed.

2. Coronavirus outbreak affecting the tech world

The far-reaching effects of the coronavirus have seen many tech companies restricting travels to China. Also, since it is majorly concentrated in the country, many companies that depend on factories located there are feeling the blow more.

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Apple closes Store in China


Apple seems to be forefront in the list of tech companies affected by this virus. In the latest report, the company had closed 42 of its stores to try to contain the spread of the epidemic.

3. IBM CEO Ginni Rometty to step down in April

top tech trends


IBM boss, Ginni who turns 63 in July will step down from her executive position at the giant tech firm. Arvind Krishna will replace her when the time comes. This is major news as it means that there will be no woman CEO among the top tech companies.

4. The UK set to allow Huawei to participate in 5G exercise

In a slight to the United States warning, reports emerged that the United Kingdom will allow Huawei to take part in its 5G equipment testing. However, this will be in a limited role. Yet, it still means that the UK does not see the threat the US claims Huawei poses to national security.

5. Apple’s iPad clocks 10 years

Another remarkable thing about this week is the fact that the very first Apple iPad was released 10 years ago this week. The device took the tech world by storm and may not dominate sales at by this time but still remains spectacular.


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