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Netflix is working on sub-accounts and profile transfer features

Netflix is testing a feature in Chile, Costa Rica, and Peru that lets users transfer their profile to a new account, and I am not sure who asked for this.

Likely, this is another cog in the company’s ever-turning machine aimed at ending password sharing. The feature will allow you to transfer such details as viewing history, My List, and recommendations when you finally create your own account.

Everyone sees this as a way to encourage moochers to buy their own subscriptions without the fear of starting from scratch. Here is what the company said:

“Members on our Basic, Standard, and Premium plans can enable people who share their account to transfer profile information either to a new account or an Extra Member sub account – keeping the viewing history, My List, and personalized recommendations.” 

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You likely noticed the ‘Extra Member sub account’ in the statement above. Yes, Netflix is also working on something else – a feature for users on Standard and Premium plans to add sub accounts. Unlike the shared profile, sub accounts will have their own profile, login, password, and recommendations.

It explains that this is a way to bring more people that you don’t live with into your membership plan. Of course, the sub pricing will be much lower than what the Standard and Premium cost.

There is no release plan yet, but Netflix says that it is working to understand how the new features work for users in Chile, Costa Rica, and Peru before rolling it out for the rest of the world.

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