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How To Delete Viewing History On Netflix

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In this age where many people use a friend’s Netflix account, we often need to cover our tracks. Sometimes, you don’t want your friend or family to judge your viewing choices. It’s not like there is anything wrong with only watching mushy romcoms, by the way. It could also be that the person with other person using the account has some weird choices that irk you or you are just tired of the weak recommendations by Netflix.


Either way, the process to clear your Netflix viewing history is pretty easy. You can clear out the skeletons in your Netflix viewing history with these easy steps.


Netflix viewing history


Step 1: Log in

You will need to log on to the Netflix account. Most people don’t ever log out anyway. But, this time, you will need to do it on a browser.


Step 2: Choose the account

Choose the profile that you watch from under the login. Go to the drop-down menu on the right and select the Account button.


Step 3: Go to your viewing activity

Now, scroll down to the My Profile section. Click the blue link with Viewing Activity. This will now bring you to the page that has everything you have watched.


Step 4: Delete, delete, delete!

At the far right of all the films you have watched, there is a circle-backslash with the “no” symbol. Click that icon to remove the entry from your history. Note that it takes Netflix about 24 hours to effect the change.


Step 5: Still deleting…

Please note that each episode will be listed individually with their season and episode title. The icon will only affect the one episode that it is in front of. This means it will not delete the entire season. Just the one episode. However, if you want to delete your entire viewing history at once, you will need to delete the entire profile and start again by creating a new one.


Step 6: Brand new profile

If you want to delete the entire profile and start again, click the pencil icon the profile you want to delete, then press delete profile twice.

Now you can now add profile and type in the name you want to use for a new one. That’s it. New profile, past erased. It’s time to start on a clean slate.

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