You are currently viewing app users can now buy and manage NFTs directly on the platform app users can now buy and manage NFTs directly on the platform

Crypto exchange platform has rolled out a new feature on its app that allows users to manage their NFTs directly.

On 17 March 2022, announced a new feature that lets its app users curate their NFT collection on the platform. In addition, they get to see ‘what the world’s top artists and brands are showcasing.’

Even better, when you find an NFT that you want, you can buy it directly from the app using several payment options, including your wallet or a connected credit/debit card. In reverse, you can also create your own NFTs and sell them in the app’s marketplace.

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However, when the announcement was made, the company revealed that this feature is only available for its app users in Australia, but promised to start rolling it out ‘progressively’ in other countries. You can check if the feature is available in your country through this link.

How to get started using NFT

  1. If you are a new user, open your App and from the homescreen, do the following:
    – tap on NFT > Get Started
    – next, create a username and password
    – tap on Confirm and connect the account
  2. If you have a NFT account, do the following from the App homescreen:
    – tap on NFT > Log in now
    enter your password and input verification code
    – tap Confirm Connection

Now, you can mint, collect and trade NFTs within the app.

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