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Nintendo Lowers The Prices Of Its Switch Ahead Of OLED Model Launch

Nintendo has reduced the prices of its switch models ahead of its OLED version launch in October. This price reduction is seen across Europe and in the United Kingdom. For instance, the €299.99 price tag in Europe has dropped by €30 to €329.99.

While, in the United Kingdom, the previous price of £259.99 for its base model dropped £20 to £279.99. Nintendo’s OLED model will cost £309.99 in the United Kingdom and €364.99 in Europe.

Nintendo’s newest model has few modifications when compared to its current model. The OLED model has a new kickstand, a brighter screen with beautiful OLED technology. One interesting addition to the OLED model is an ethernet port, which makes for fast internet speeds for streaming.

The popular handheld Nintendo Switch gaming console has displaced Sony’s PlayStation Portable (PSP) console since its release.


The Original Nintendo Switch
The Original Nintendo Switch


The Nintendo switch sells like hotcakes, even causing scarcity at times. Nintendo announced the Switch OLED, an upgraded screen of the last generation Switch console some months ago.

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The original switch has a 6.2 inch LCD screen with a maximum resolution of High Definition (720p), this new OLED switch houses a 7-inch screen. Another tiny difference is the switch OLED upgraded memory with twice the memory of the original switch at 64GB of internal storage.

Bit bigger than the last switch, the Nintendo switch OLED will be a favourite for families, children, and loved ones during the holiday season. An upgrade from the last generation’s “LCD” screen is just about alright, this new OLED model will sell for $350.

Nintendo Switch OLED, A small upgrade
Nintendo Switch OLED, A small upgrade


The New switch OLED is the perfect holiday gift, and it will go out of stock very fast. So stay glued to Nintendo’s site, register to preorder the Switch OLED, and be on the lookout for retail stores with inventory when it launches in October.



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