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Netflix ad-supported sub plan coming in November 2022

Cheaper Netflix sub plan coming in November 2022

The latest news on the Netflix ad-supported cheaper subscription plan is that it could be launching on the first day of November 2022. At least, that is what Variety said in a report, citing inside sources.

Meanwhile, the streaming company has continued to sit on news about the upcoming tier. The last we heard from it was a statement discrediting a report about its pricing. A Bloomberg article, also citing inside sources, had said that the company planned to price the tier at between $7 to $9 per month.

In response, the company’s spokesperson Kumiko Hidaka said that Netflix is yet to make a decision on how much the tier would cost. We are not sure if the company would also come out to deny this latest news or ignore it.

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Initially, the rumours had been that Netflix would launch the ad-supported plan globally in 2023.  However, it may be moving the plan up because Disney Plus wants to launch the same kind of service on December 8, a CNET article suggests.

The reported November launch would be for some countries and then, a global release would be done a bit more gradually. If the new plan is to really come in batches, users in South American locations will likely get it first as Netflix has for some reason, chosen that area as its testing ground for new features.

As streaming gets more and more competitive, Netflix believes that a cheaper tier may be its ticket to growing subscribers, instead of losing them as it had done in the past two quarters.

You can get all the rumours about the Netflix ad-supported plan that we have gathered so far, here.

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