You are currently viewing Breaking News: iPhone sales overtake Android in the US
iPhone sales overtake Android in the US

Breaking News: iPhone sales overtake Android in the US

For the first time ever, iPhone sales have overtaken Android phone in the US as more people choose Apple. The news came after The Financial Times published a data from Counterpoint Research.

The data shows iPhones now account for more than 50% of phones sold in the country. It is even more impressive when you check other facets of the data.

For example, iPhone is taking on not just Android smartphones but even Android feature phones. Also, the data does not show people who remained loyal to the iPhone, which means that if an iPhone 12 user buys iPhone 13, it won’t reflect. Clearly, the growth comes from people leaving Android to enjoy the iOS.

If makers like Samsung and Google have not liked Apple before now, as we have seen from their call outs and trolling, the dislike is about to rise.

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iPhone Beats Android 2022 Chart
Image Source: Android Authority

Of course, the chart only shows the iPhone installed base data in the US, it is clear that Apple has taken over. With iPhone 14 just some days away, the iPhone is about to create even more gap between it and rivals.

Outside the US, we don’t have data on how the OS providers compare worldwide. And while Android would still likely lead, the gap just significantly grew smaller.

Apple’s next target would be China, which is the country with the largest market share with nearly 950 million users. Then, it could set sights on India. However, with different economic strength and purchasing power of the majority, it faces an uphill task.

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