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Coming Netflix ad-supported subscription could cost $7

Coming Netflix ad-supported subscription could cost $7

A report from Bloomberg claims that the coming Netflix ad-supported subscription tier could cost between $7 and $9 every month.

Rumours have been piling since Netflix confirmed that the new cost-reduced tier was on the way. The streaming company has not revealed further details like what and what would be different apart from the ads. It has also not mentioned the pricing.

This lack of information has not stopped analysts from pitching their two cents. Recently, we reported that the tier could have some restrictions such as downloads and non-skippable content interruption. This latest one about pricing may further discourage people because it is not so different from the basic plan, which currently costs $9.99.

The only way an ad-supported tier would cost that much and work is if the restrictions are less sever than what have been predicted.

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Netflix told The Verge via email that the Bloomberg is a speculation and that the inner-workings of the tier are still in its early days. “…no decision have been made,” the company’s spokesperson Kumiko Hidaka said.

In related news, the streaming company is also developing gamertag-style handles for users to create and showoff their mobile games collection on the platform. Additionally, it will allow members to identify and invite others to enjoy the same games as them. There will also be a leaderboards ranking feature to encourage more participation.

It appears that while working to attract more users with reduced cost, Netflix is not giving up on its gaming arm. A CNBC report in early August had claimed that just one per cent of its subscribers play games on the platform every day.

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