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Microsoft Outlook Users Share Their Experiences And Tips On Twitter

Microsoft Outlook is a part of the Microsoft Office suite that allows for personal information management. It is an email application that also includes a calendar, task manager, contact manager, note-taking, journal, and web browsing.


The company included a mobile application for smartphone users that works well on Android and iOS products. However, on Twitter yesterday, 14th January 2020, Microsoft asked users to share their tips and experiences since using the tool.


This is likely to help them make necessary updates if needed and also find out where they have been doing well. It will be useful to others to see some uses they have not been exploiting. The tweet said:



A user tweeted in response that creating a search folder is important for many reasons. Jen said:


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Another Microsoft Outlook user mentioned that the delete option is quite more useful than many recognise. In his tweet, Sebastian said:



In case your tech is interfering with your daily life, the application can help reach a balance. A tweet to that effect showed this.



The Outlook recognises that humans are imperfect, thus prone to errors. There is actually a settings option that allows you to go through sent mails one last time before it goes. Thanks to this tweet:



To access the option mentioned above, you can follow the link here and learn more. Microsoft also recently launched a mobile launcher for Android. Although already available on PlayStore, the company also warns that it is still in the testing stages and users should report feedback to make it better.


So far, we have been seeing positive reactions from people using the Microsoft Launcher 6.0.


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