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Outlook mobile app

Personalise Your Mobile Microsoft Outlook App With These Tips

Since Microsoft released the Outlook app for phones and tablets in 2015, it has garnered over 100 million downloads, if you use this app on your mobile, you may find the tips in this article helpful.


By default, most apps are designed with settings that the developers believe many people would find useful. However, since geographical locations differ, you may have to change your settings to fit your place.


More importantly, people may use an app such as the mobile Microsoft Outlook for different purposes. While an employee may use it to keep updated with company mails; a freelancer may need it to keep up with appointments.


To get the best out of the Outlook app, check out some of the most important Settings tips you should know about below. Tap on the Outlook icon on the top left of your screen to open the several personalisation options.


Do not disturb

By the top right of the slab that opens, the bell icon shows you all the various degrees of ‘do not disturb’ settings you can either enable or disable. Here you can turn off all notifications for a particular duration. You can also schedule this feature ahead if you have a meeting or for work hours.

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The last icon in the slab is a gear representing the full list of options. On opening the settings, the first one you come across is the accounts settings. Here, you can add multiple accounts to allow you easily switch when you need to check another Outlook account.


Outlook mobile app



Directly under accounts are email settings. To enable you to enjoy using Outlook, personalise your email settings. It allows you to choose notification sounds and what the swipe gestures would do. Also, you can choose to combine all your messages by toggling off the Focused inbox option.



The Calendar settings allow you to change how it notifies you of an upcoming event. You can choose, for example, how many minutes before an event time the app should alert you.


Connected Apps & Add-ins

Here you can see apps that are connected to your mobile Outlook app and you can also add more apps from a list that Microsoft supports.



The settings option allows you to change the theme from the default Light to Dark mode. It also has Privacy Settings where you can learn more about the company’s privacy policies.


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