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U.S. warn U.K. Huawei

“Madness!” The United States Warn The United Kingdom Over Huawei

The United States has reportedly warned the United Kingdom to avoid Huawei in its 5G tech development.


After the United Kingdom announced testing its launch of 5G equipment, the United States warned the authorities that it will amount to madness if it allowed Huawei to participate in it.


In The Guardian’s report, the U.S. seems to be eager to block Huawei in all ways. After banning the Chinese company in its country in 2019, it is not letting the tech giants breathe.


Earlier, after it seemed likely that Britain may allow Huawei to test its 5G equipment, all had seemed well. In fact, MI5 boss, Andrew Parker had claimed that Huawei’s involvement will not come between the relationship that both countries have. MI5 is the U.K.’s security service in charge of counter-intelligence activities.


But in contrast with this claim, a U.S. delegation reportedly visited the U.K. to warn them against partnering with the Chinese company. They said that it would be an unwise course of action.


“Nothing short of madness,” said the U.S. representatives.

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There were reports that the U.S. officials also presented evidence of these risks. However, no proof of this has surfaced online. Meanwhile, in response to this, the United Kingdom’s Prime Minister, Boris Johnson said that he would listen only when critics presented viable alternatives.


In correspondence with BBC, Johnson had announced that he wanted 5G equipment that would not endanger security. He also mentioned that he wanted to be able to cooperate with intelligence allies in the coming years.


United States warn United Kindom Huawei

Huawei store. Photo: Business Insider.


Although Huawei has repeatedly said it is not a spy agency for China, the Donald Trump administration still targets it. Its Chief financial officer (CFO), Meng Wanzhou is still under arrest in Canada, charged with bank and wire fraud by the U.S.


Britain will make a decision by the end of January 2020 according to CNBC.


Despite U.S. opposition, Huawei had a good year in sales in 2019 with its new phones. But as the company revealed, 2020 may be more difficult because of the United States sanctions.

Up until now, America is yet to make its Huawei risk findings public.


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