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Microsoft Is Testing Easier Screen Sharing In Teams And Across Others

Currently testing in Windows 11 is an easier way of sharing screen content for Microsoft’s Teams app and other video call platforms. Microsoft wants to make it possible for users to share open app windows directly from the taskbar to a Microsoft Teams call.

Microsoft Is Testing Easier Screen Sharing In Teams And Across Others


Avauilable in Build 22499, Windows insiders are testing this new feature only on the Microsoft Teams for work or school instead of the consumer version. According to Amanda Langowski, Windows Insider Program Lead “We plan to bring this to Chat from Microsoft Teams later.” That means it would be coming to the consumer version soonest.

Interestingly, Langowski says this new feature would be available for other video calling platforms.  “Other communications applications can also add this capability to their applications,” She said

This experience, also starting with the Teams app, eliminates the need to flip back and forth across applications just to share or reshare a window. There are no interruptions to your meeting attendees or what they see on screen – share any open window during your call.

Microsoft is adding more features to the older video calling platform. The company hasn’t forgotten about its first teleconferencing platform, despite its popular Microsoft Teams app.

Image showing light theme for calling, people with video on and people without video in call stage.

The Redmond based company says Skype’s latest update would make the app faster, modern and more stable. Available in the new update is a redesigned layout, themes and other cool features.

It has worked hard on performance for the Skype desktop and App platforms. Performance has increased by 30% and over 2,000% of Android according to the Redmond company. Aesthetically, there are new colourful backgrounds behind the avatars of audio-only participants.

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Animated background with Skype using Marvel Shang Chi

It’s a goodbye to the old dull grey backgrounds of the old Skype. That’s not all, just like all other popular messaging apps, there are now; animated backgrounds, together mode, call recordings and live subtitles.

There’s also a new Meet Now feature, which allows others to join a call without downloading the app, signing in or Up all for 45 minutes.

Microsoft Is Testing Easier Screen Sharing In Teams And Across Others

The redesigned Skype app now supports all the popular browsers. The company is trying hard to make sure the experience is the same across all browsers.

Allowing cross-platform compatibility for Microsoft’s newest feature on Windows 11 is genius. Applications like Zoom and Google Meet can decide to add it to their apps. We can’t wait to try it out when it becomes public, presentations would be far easier to handle.



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