Mute: Google Meet Now Warns Users When They Are Causing An Echo

Mute: Google Meet Now Warns Users When They Are Causing An Echo

Google is updating its Meet application with a feature to alert users when they are causing an echo. The company announced this warning change to reduce the noises made intentional or otherwise during meetings.

Users may see a notification alerting them when they’re causing an echo

Echoes happen when systems like laptops, smartphones send audio back into a call. This new alert feature displays a red dot on the user profile it believes is causing the echo.

The feature is available to all Google Workspace customers, G Suite Basic and Business customers. By default, this feature will be ON when it starts hitting devices.

If you click on the notification, there’s troubleshooting steps you can take which might help reduce the echo

Having trouble trying to reduce an echo, a notification appears while the red dots show. Users can simply click on it, which leads to the Help Center to follow the steps to help reduce the echo.

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Google meet users can now limit screen sharing, add co-hosts, and even mute meetings for Co-host participants. The virtual meeting app now adds up to 25 co-hosts and toughens some security features for its platform.

Co-hosts can now limit who in a call can share their screens and chat messages; a special feature once reserved for Google’s workspace education customers. These new features will be available on both web and mobile platforms.

Participants in a Google meet call now have a special security shield icon. Google said this feature rollout will start on August 16, 2021. This will happen across web, Android, and iOS platforms.

Google Meet updates safety features, allows adding more co-hosts and more - gHacks Tech News

However, users should have up to 15 days’ visibility frame time in mind.  The previous workspace education customer exclusive is a welcome addition to Google Meet regular customers.

Google will be rolling out the echo alert feature on the 23rd of August, the company says users should allow up to 15 days for its visibility.



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