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How To Take Advantage Of Dell Technologies Gadget Recycling Programme

How To Take Advantage Of Dell Technologies Gadget Recycling Programme

Dell Technologies reminds people all over the world that they can reduce tech wastes by sending their unused and outdated gadgets to them for recycling. “We’re committed to protecting the environment. That’s why we provide convenient recycling solutions that help us reuse precious materials to make new Dell products,” the company said on its website.


Even more interesting is the fact that the outdated gadget does not have to be from Dell Technologies. In a Twitter post, the company announced that it accepts all tech for recycling. Even the condition that the gadget is in is no problem.


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If you want to send any tech to Dell Technologies for recycling, you have to follow the steps below:

— Delete Data: As a tech user, you likely have some personal information stored on the outdated gadget. It is important to scrub it clean of such details by deleting the data on it.

— Complete and print shipping label: To ensure that your gadget gets to Dell Technologies for recycling, you should complete the online shipping label here. After, you should print the label.

— Package your equipment: It is important that you properly package your equipment and then affix the shipping label on it.

— Drop off: The final step is for you to drop off the package at a local FedEx, you can also arrange for the equipment to be picked up as well using Dell’s Package Return Programme.


“Dell wants to make it easy to responsibly recycle your unwanted technology for free,” the company says. This is why the shipping label is prepaid. It is a wonderful way to reduce electronic waste.


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