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World Environment Day: How You Can Contribute To A Better Earth Through ‘Green Computing’

Today, 5th June 2020, is World Environment Day, a day marked to spread worldwide awareness and stimulate reactions that lead to conditions that improve the earth’s environment. While you cannot make policies as a citizen, you can play your part through something called green computing.


Green computing is the use of computers and their resources in ways that will improve the environment’s condition. While it includes such technical activities such as the study of designing, engineering, and manufacturing computer resources that are eco-friendly; it can also be as simple as using and disposing of computer devices such that they do not affect the environment adversely.


The latter part of the paragraph above is what we are concerned about in this article. While tech firms are trying to design devices that will have a reduced effect on the earth, you as an individual have your part to play.


As part of awareness for World Environment Day; here are some of the ways end-users of computer and other tech devices can contribute to healthier earth:

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— Reduce the electricity consumption of your gadgets. You can do this by leaving them off when not in use and using power management software. Also, experts encourage people to buy PCs because they require less electricity than desktops.


— Ensure that you properly dispose of electronic waste. All scrap tech devices like CPUs, battery, charging cords and so on, contain materials that have the potential to degrade the environment. Recycling is one of the best options for disposing of electronic waste and if that is possible, end-users should thrive to use this means more.


— Reusing and repairing devices and their accessories is also another way to take part in green computing. When you buy a new device or accessory, the next thing one does is try to dispose of the old ones. Thus, it is advisable to trying fixing your computing devices rather than buying new ones.


For populous countries like Nigeria that is a major target of new tech accessories, it is important that there are proper ways in place to dispose of electronic waste. This is even more important now with the increased speed of innovations.


However, the bulk of the work still lies on the shoulder of tech companies. They have to continue looking for ways to reduce environmental pollution. Also, they have to keep designing devices that are eco-friendly and durable as well.


World Environment Day is aimed at promoting better environmental conditions. An effective way is by spreading awareness, you should share his kind of articles to reach more people.


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