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Microsoft To Replenish More Water Than It Consumes, Becoming Water Positive By 2030

Microsoft has announced plans to become water positive, replenishing more water than it consumes, by 2030. This is the latest move from the software giant to conserve earth’s resources.


In a statement by Microsoft President Brad Smith, he revealed that there is need to focus on being water positive because of the limited access to freshwater supply. While, the earth is 70% water, about 97% of it is saline; making it unsuitable for drinking and agriculture.


Additionally, Smith wrote; “The world’s fresh water is not equally distributed or accessible and is found disproportionately in places where people do not live. And as human civilization has expanded, we have reached the point globally where humanity depletes the available freshwater supply at a rate of 4.3 trillion cubic meters every year – the majority of which goes to agricultural and industrial uses.”

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Thus, Microsoft will correct water consumption by doing the following. One, the company says it will reduce its water intensity; or the amount of water it uses per megawatt energy for operations. The second way is by replenishing water in ‘water-stressed’ regions where it operates.


Microsoft says that there is also more to be done to contribute to the world’s sustainability needs. The company urges, “Getting ahead of the world’s water crisis will require a reduction in the amount of water humans use to operate economies and societies, as well as a concerted effort to ensure there is sufficient water in the places it is needed most. This will require a transformation in the way we manage our water systems and a concerted effort for all organizations to account for and balance their water use.


Microsoft has also pledged to reduce its carbon emissions to a negative value and become a zero waste company. On the ‘water positive by 2030’ goal, the company is already making big moves.


Its new Silicon Valley campus opening in California will use an on-site rainwater collection and treatment system. The new Microsoft campus will also have massive water recycling systems as well. This is just one of the many sites that Microsoft have begun running water positive projects.


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