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EOS-X Space Set To Take 10,000 People To Space Within Next 10 Years … In Balloons!

Spanish startup, EOS-X Space is on the verge of taking about 10,000 people to space within the next 10 years. Uniquely, unlike other commercial space companies, EOS-X Space will do this using balloons.


According to a Business Insider article, the company’s ‘space ship’ will not need a rocket launcher. –Instead, passengers will catch space rides in a vehicle or a pressurised capsule that ascends by being dragged upwards by a balloon. Also, EOS-X Space balloon rides will reach only an altitude of 25 miles.


Thus, they will be able to convey passengers to just outside of the earth, or the ‘edge of space’. This will be enough for people to see the earth from outside. In a statement published by the Europa Press, EOS-X Space founder Kemel Kharbachi said:


“Companies like Blue Origin, Space X, and Virgin Galactic are offering high-altitude flights that only last a few minutes. We’ll be allowing passengers to see the curvature of the planet in an unforgettable journey lasting hours.”

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The race for commercial space travel is getting hotter and more frantic as the years go by. Before, only astronauts could dream of leaving the earth. However, given SpaceX’s recent achievements, soon, people who can afford it will be booking space flights like they do bus rides.


EOS-X Space says that its balloons will be helium-powered and will carry five passengers per trip. The company may commence flight operations as early as 2023. For now, the price for flight tickets to the edge of space on EOS-X Space balloons are between $150,000 and $200,000.


Kemel Kharbachi explains that the flight materials are recyclable. One day, space travel will become a tourism industry, that is the CEO’s dream. Many tech enthusiasts and researchers also share this same dream.


However, who would think that the first ones to approach the finish line will be a balloon space flight company?


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