You are currently viewing Google’s IOS Chrome App Now Allows Secure Incognito Tabs With Face ID

Google’s IOS Chrome App Now Allows Secure Incognito Tabs With Face ID

Google’s web browser chrome latest update for iOS now allows users to secure their Incognito tabs with Face ID, Passcode, or Touch ID.


Google's Chrome Incognito Mode

This was first reported by MacRumours, the feature is currently rolling out to iOS users all over the globe.  This feature offers a new level of privacy protection, as Incognito tabs cannot be opened except authenticated.

So people with access to your iOS chrome browser will not be able to view your Incognito tabs unless you allow them.

For iOS users, to enable this feature simply go to Settings on your phone, search “Privacy” then click and select “lock Incognito tabs.” Google has been releasing loads of security features for its browsers lately. Recently, It now allows users to delete their last 15 minutes of search history.

The Tech company announced this new privacy feature on Thursday, and others during its I/O 2021 event.

An animation with a blue background showing a privacy logo over a Google Search bar, sby moving logos indicating privacy, security and customization.

Users can now view and delete their search history any time from the “My Activity” tab.

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Chrome's settings

Google is enabling Two-factor authentication for your privacy before your search history can be seen.

For deleting your search history, you can instantly and continuously wipe out your search. History from your Google account after 3, 18, or 36 months with auto-delete controls.

For new accounts, Google has set the auto-delete feature for user’s web & App activity for 18 months.

Google chrome iOS

To quickly delete your last 15 minutes’ search history, tap the button in the mobile app or web “Delete last 15 Min”.

This feature is available in the Google app for iOS. But is in the works for the Andriod Google app in the coming months.



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