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Big Changes Coming To Microsoft’s Browser Edge Including Tab Groups

Microsoft is still updating its browser Edge, it has been receiving changes since the beginning of the year. Changes coming to Edge are tab groups and Video Picture in Picture (PiP), Microsoft like Apple is playing catch up when it comes to new features.


Google’s Chrome browser has had the tab groups and Video Picture in Picture for some time now.


Microsoft Edge Insider


Microsoft’s Edge has a feature roadmap for its browser insider testers, this program provides estimated release dates and descriptions for upcoming browser features. A lot of changes have been made to Edge, this past year with its blazing fast experience based on Google’s open-source Chromium engine.


The future update Tab group, allows users to organize browser tabs. Users can also rearrange these tab groups within themselves for more customization.

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Unlike Tab groups, Video Picture in Picture (PiP) has been around in Edge but wasn’t pronounced so it wasn’t actively used. Microsoft is redesigning the feature to be more accessible.


This feature enables users to watch videos in a previewed way at the corner of their screen. In Microsoft’s Edge version 93, this feature will be within reach via a hover toolbar.


Videos can be minimized, paused, maxed out, and more by scrubbing through the hover toolbar.  All of these features are expected to appear in September.



Another change coming to Edge is its availability on the Linux platform, starting in October it will be available to download.



In addition to horizontal tabs in Edge, Microsoft is adding Vertical tabs, you can easily shift to view your tabs in a pane to the side. The only bowser to offer built-in vertical tab navigation for a more streamlined experience.


Microsoft details its legacy Edge browser phase-out strategy | ZDNet


Microsoft will be phasing out its legacy browser internet explorer, Microsoft Edge will be the face of its next operating system for PCs Windows 11. How well will Edge compete against the likes of Chrome, Safari, and Firefox? The next months will tell exactly.



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