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You Can Now Play Games Instantly As You Download Them On Android 12


The new Android 12 update will now allow you to play games as soon as you start downloading them.


Android 12 features you'll love, like Quick Tap and a new privacy dashboard: Here's how they work - CNET

This is a big feature coming to Android phones, as this new update would be released on Monday. This makes sense for large games that take a lot of time to download before you can start playing them. There will be no wait time before you can start playing games, more like streaming?


This feature works well with games that utilize the Play Asset Delivery system, a Google gaming solution that developers simply need to turn on for their games.

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Google released a GIF that showed how fast you can start playing a game as you download them, the company says it’s “seeing games being ready to open at least 2 times faster.”


Android 12 comes with new gaming features, just like Microsoft’s Xbox Game bar Google is releasing a new game dashboard that enables screen recording and capturing. Unfortunately, this will only be available for “select devices” in the coming months said Google.


All of the news was announced at the Google for Games Developer Summit 2021, which started yesterday July 12, and ends today July 13.



Google is making a huge overhaul of its operating system with Android 12, the UI is more modern. Android might just be as cool as iOS.



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