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Five Recent Smartphone Exotic Names That Are Leading The ‘Naming Game’

Phones (smartphones as well) have always sold with exotic names that first catch the attention of customers even before its specifications are seen. There is the specifications struggle and there is the name struggle, we focus on the naming game in this article.


Naming phones is a form of art that precedes the era of smartphones. There have been phones like Xpress Music and Classic from Nokia.


Even when smartphones started to gain popularity, some popped up with catchy names that would surely pique one’s attention. BlackBerry Passport and the Sony Xperia series are just a few examples of how old the exotic smartphone naming game has been.


In recent years, this form of art is not in short supply. Below, we mention some recently launched smartphones that came with exotic names.

1. Huawei Porsche Design
exotic smartphones Huawei Porsche Design
Huawei Porsche Design


Chinese telecommunications company, Huawei had collaborated with luxury brand, Porsche Design, to make luxury versions of its Mate series, from 9 upwards.


The luxury name ‘Porsche Design’ gives the smartphone a pop in its step when compared to other phone names.

2. TECNO Camon 15 Premier

Exotic smartphones TECNO Camon 15 Premier
TECNO Camon 15 Premier


While many companies choose to name the higher version of their phone “Pro”, TECNO upped the naming game in 2020. It launched the Camon 15 series with the regular version along with a “Premier” version.


Surely, this is a more exotic name for a smartphone than the basic overused “Pro”.

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3. Xiaomi Mi Mix

exotic smartphone names Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha 5G
Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha 5G.


Xiaomi electronics seem to have mastered the smartphone naming game. It had even launched an entirely separate phone brand named Redmi. However, it is the Xiaomi Mi Mix that puts them in our list of exotic names.


It is more about the way the name rhymes than the meaning this time. Who wouldn’t want to use a phone whose name has poetic resonance?

4. Nokia Pureview

exotic smartphone names Nokia pureview
Nokia Pureview 9.


Nokia is something of a legend when it comes to phone names. As we mentioned above, the phone company had been using exotic names before smartphones became a thing.


However, since it became HMD’s duty to make Nokia phones, their naming style has not been the same. That is until the Nokia 9 Pureview launched. The name is an attention grabber and that seemed to be the goal.

5. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

Exotic smartphone names Galaxy Z Flip
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. Photo: The Verge.


While Samsung Galaxy Z Flip may not be as exotic as the others on this list, it surely catches one’s fancy. Samsung had struck gold with its Galaxy naming series. However, over time, the effect has started to wane.


The Galaxy Z Flip is the closest the company has come to competing in the naming game in recent times.


When the LG Velvet smartphone launches later this year, it will surely give phone makers a run for their money when it comes to “out of the box” names.


Which exotic smartphone names would you have preferred to see on this list?


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