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Time Up! Google Pulls Plug On Play Store Subscription Scams With New Policy

Google has announced that it is rolling out new policies for Play Store aimed at stopping subscription scams that have plagues the Android app shop. These policies will mandate subscription transparency.


These policies begin to take effect on 16th June 2020. Applications will take steps to ensure that they are clear about the terms regarding their paid subscription features and free trials.


In addition to this, they will allow users to have easy ways to cancel subscriptions as well. Google Play Store adds to this new policy; users will see more information. This will tell them when free trials end and/or when subscriptions are about to renew automatically.


App developers that require background location access will have to meet up with Google’s new policy that will go into effect in August 2020.


There are also other issues that the new policies are trying to tackle, these are collectively called Fleeceware. According to a ZDNet article, the refers to apps that abuse the ability for Android apps to run trial periods before payment is charged to the user’s account.

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Google Play Store subscription
Fleeceware subscription scams plague Google Play Store.


What these shady app developers on Google Play Store bank on is the fact that many users forget to manually cancel their subscriptions. Thus, removing the money from users’ accounts. But with this new policy for Google Play Store, it will reduce this from happening.


As the main focus is transparency, apps will clearly explain the subscription aspects of its features to users. Thus, they may let users know if they can use all its features for free or not, for example. The terms and conditions of using free trails will also be clearly stated.


Goggle will also take charge of information sharing about app subscriptions. Therefore, by June 2020, the company will be sending emails to users to let them know if a paid subscription is about to replace their trial or introductory period.


If a user is uninstalling a paid subscription app, Google will let them know that subscription does not automatically end.


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