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LG Has Acknowledged That Its Coming Flagship Smartphone Will Be Called Velvet

LG has opened up about its speculated flagship smartphone and revealed that it will be named Velvet and that it will come with some interesting specifications.


The tech world had been alit since the rumours began about a coming LG flagship smartphone. Earlier, we had reported some of the available information. But, at that time, they were mostly unconfirmed rumours.


Now, the South Korean multinational electronics company headquartered in Yeouido-dong, Seoul, has made some interesting confirmations. The first thing is that it will not come with the G series naming system.


This may mean that the G series that came into the phone market in 2013 could be going out of existence. While this is not certain, LG disclosed that it will launch the smartphone with the name Velvet.

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Velvet in literal terms refers to a type of special fabric that feels distinctively smooth to the touch. The sense is what customers will get when they get their hands on the phone’s sleek design. Speaking on the name, Chang Ma, senior vice president of product strategy of LG’s mobile business explained:


“Our new branding reflects current trends of addressing the unique personal tastes and emotions of the individual with a greater emphasis on design. It’s a more intuitive approach that we are confident will resonate with today’s consumers and help us to establish a clearer brand identity.”


LG did not mention a release date for Velvet; yet many speculate that it will be launched on 15th May 2020. The released images also show that Velvet will be using a raindrop selfie camera design. In addition, its three rear cameras and LED flash will be arranged vertically in descending order of size.


There are other rumours that LG Velvet will come with Qualcomm’s mid-range Snapdragon 765. This will allow it to use 5G network and still stay within an affordable price limit. LG has not indicated what pricing to expect except that it will be more affordable than many other 5G smartphones in the market.


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