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Elon Musk Tweets Are On Everyone’s Timeline But A Fix Is Coming


  • Elon Musk has acknowledged the unusual reach of his tweets and announced that a fix is coming.
  • Users have complained about the prominence of Musk’s tweets, even when they don’t follow his account.
  • The increased prominence began after he fired an engineer over his declining visibility some days earlier.

Elon Musk acknowledged the unusual reach of his Tweets on Tuesday and said that a fix is coming. The new Twitter boss did not go into details about when we would be rid of his Tweets.

Since the “For You” tab was created as a way to separate recommended Tweets from chronological Tweets of people that you follow, many have noticed that Musk’s Tweets dominated the latter.

More recently, even his replies were getting featured at the top of users’ TL and ruining their experience. Also, it didn’t matter whether you follow the account or not. In fact, a user complained that despite placing @elonmusk in the “Not Interested” category of their preference, they could still see his Tweets.

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Even Musk likely realised how unfair it is that people were being literarily force-fed his content when he Tweeted:

However, as The Verge pointed out in its coverage of this same story, the prominence of Musk’s Tweets increased after an engineer was fired about five days prior for the CEO’s declining reach on Twitter.

Musk had said that engineers at Twitter fixed the visibility problem that was affecting his account’s (and other ones with large followers) reach. Now, he is like water and every time you get on Twitter, there is a Tweet or reply from the the billionaire waiting.

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