You are currently viewing Tech Layoffs: Twilio Announces 17% Workforce Reduction

Tech Layoffs: Twilio Announces 17% Workforce Reduction

Twilio, a communications software maker, announced on Monday that it is laying off 1,500 employees or 17% of its workforce in the latest news relating tech layoffs.


The layoffs are part of a restructuring effort that the CEO hopes will allow it prioritise profit. It will be forming two business sectors going forward, Twilio Communications and Twilio Data & Applications.


“This is because the two parts of our business – communications and software – are at different lifecycle stages and have different operating needs,” Jeff Lawson explained in the company’s blog post.


“In Communications, we have to get more efficient. For Segment, Flex, and Engage, we must accelerate growth. These are distinctly different tasks for our teams, and our current structure is slowing our progress toward both these goals, which are critical to our growth, our profit, and our Customer Engagement Platform ambitions,” he added.

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Elena Donio will head the Twilio Data & Applications while Khozema Shipchandler will lead Twilio Communications. The two units will include Sales, R&D, and operational resources.


Tech Layoffs: Twilio Announces 17% Workforce Reduction
Twilio CEO Jeff Lawson


In September 2022, Twilio had cut 11% of its workforce and Lawson said that the the previous layoff was to streamline the company while the latest one is to organise differently.


For employees living in the US and those outside the country that are affected by the job cuts, they are entitled to 12 weeks of base pay and one week for every year they worked at Twilio. They will also receive the full value of Twilio’s February 15 vest.


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