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See Two Hidden Options For Sending Sensitive Emails In Gmail


  • Confidential Mode in Gmail is a useful feature for sending sensitive emails.
  • These emails may contain confidential business information, personal information, or legal information.
  • To keep these emails safe, Gmail’s Confidential Mode provides two options: setting an expiration date or setting a passcode.


Sometimes, you may find yourself needing to send a sensitive email and this is where you can take advantage of the Confidential Mode in Gmail.


These kinds of emails could contain confidential business information like financial reports, contracts, or intellectual property. It could be about personal information such as medical records, tax documents, or personal financial information.


In some cases, attorneys and clients may need to send sensitive information related to legal cases to one another. And there is the need to keep personal or business communications private for privacy reasons, or to comply with privacy laws.


Whatever the reason, you have two options to send sensitive emails that many people do not know about. One thing you should remember is that emails sent using Confidential Mode cannot be downloaded, printed, copied or even forwarded.

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Set expiration date


To keep the email you are sending safe, you can set an expiration date for it and after that date, the content disappears and can no longer be viewed.

Set passcode


You can opt to lock the email by setting a passcode that can only be used to open the email. Here, you can choose to share the passcode via SMS or email and Gmail usually generates this unique passcode for better security.

How to use Gmail confidential mode


See Two Hidden Options For Sending Sensitive Emails In Gmail


On Gmail Android app: tap Compose > tap the three vertical dot for the drop menu > select Confidential mode > choose the kind of security you want > tap Done.


On Gmail web: tap Compose > tap on the Confidential mode padlock icon  > choose the kind of security you want > tap Done.


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