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See why Apple App Store is removing these apps

Apple App Store has updated its policy to include an App Improvement Notice that warns developers if they have not updated their apps in a while and removes it if they fail to do anything within 30 days.

This clean-up exercise is double-edged.

On the one hand, it will ensure that App Store users only see apps that still receive regular updates. However, not all apps require frequent updates to keep functioning fine.

Besides these, there is a problem with how Apple determines how old is too old because it doesn’t say. Instead, it used an ambiguous ‘not updated in a significant amount of time.’

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This clearly raised issues as one game maker claimed in a Tweet:

Another issue is the fact that not all apps are the same. Twitter user @lazerwalker argued, “Games can exist as completed objects! These free projects aren’t suitable for updates or a live service model, they’re finished artworks from years ago.”

Apple claims that it is targeting ‘apps that no longer function as intended, don’t follow current review guidelines, or are outdated’ with the evaluation policy.

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