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Apple To Revamp App Store, Increasing Developers Application Visibility

Apple yesterday at the Worldwide developer’s conference event announced a lot of changes and improvements were coming to the App store that will assist developers in targeting their apps to users, improve their app visibility and entice new users, to download their apps, and encourage old users to return.




The App Store is a lucrative venture, it has paid out more than $230 billion to developers since it first launched on July 10, 2008. There is a lot of business opportunity for developers as the App store attracts about 600 million weekly users across 175 countries said Apple.

Despite the growth, there are still improvements to be made, developers have been restricted in areas to market their apps; and making them visible on the App store.

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To change this, Apple is redesigning the app’s product page. Beginning from this year, app developers will be able to create multiple custom product pages to display different features of their app to users. Visuals displayed can be screenshots, videos, and different app icon suggestions.

The Strava app on the App Store, displayed on iPhone 12 Pro.


Currently, most Apps have a lot of events lined up in the coming weeks or months; but these events are only visible to users who have the apps installed; and also have push notifications enabled. This has reduced visibility to the general public.

To fix this, Apple will now allow developers to better showcase these events; with the launch of in-app events “front and center on the App Store”. This is displayed on the app’s product page.

New Display.


During the event, Apple said users can now sign up to be notified or quickly join an event if it’s happening now. A new App store widget has been created for this purpose, and it will feature future events right on user’s home screens.


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