UK new rule to allow drivers watch TV behind wheel of self-driving cars

A UK new rule under the Highway Code will allow drivers to watch TV behind the wheel of self-driving cars. The Verge says that this new rule may be introduced over the summer and overrule the old law that prohibited drivers from doing so.

Before now, there was a UK law banning drivers from watching non-driving related content on a ‘television-receiving apparatus.’ And the new rule has some conditions, one of which is that the car must be driving itself during the period and drivers must stay alert and ready to take back control at any moment.

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Another condition is that the content they are watching must be through the car’s equipment and not an external device. This is because the car’s ‘infotainment system’ can stop showing the content to grab the driver’s attention. Therefore, the UK still has a ban in place on handling your phone while driving.

In addition to these, only people driving cars listed under British law as self-driving cars are permitted to watch TV behind the wheel of self-driving cars. However, as of when this article was published, there are no cars listed under British law as self-driving vehicles.

Although, some cars may be getting listed soon, according to a UK government press release. And it is working on a new full regulatory framework for 2025.

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