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Five Proven Tips To Get Rid Of Body Odour

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Has there ever been a time when you couldn’t wait to take off your clothes because of the smell? Well, we’ve been there, especially on not-so-good days. However, if it happens consistently, then it’s time to take action and ward-off that body odour for good to avoid making others uncomfortable and build your self-confidence.


The first step to working on body odour is knowing that you stink. Although it’s hard to smell yourself, it’s important to try to smell yourself however way you can. One way to do this is to smell your clothes away from your body (while you’re not wearing it) or get a close friend to smell you.


Body odour is an unpleasant smell that results when bacteria residing on the skin, breaks down sweat into acid. While sweat itself is virtually odourless, it is a breeding ground for bacteria to multiply rapidly. So, what you smell is the products related to the bacteria breakdown of keratin protein on the surface of your skin, not as a result of the growth of bacteria on the skin.


BO is largely determined by your hygiene, the environment, the food you eat and hormones. Although, in some cases, it indicates an underlying disease.


Here are five must-do things to completely ward-off body odour.


1. Be thoroughly clean


This cuts across all areas of personal hygiene. Shower at least twice a day and wash the areas you tend to sweat a lot in, such as your armpits, thoroughly. Shave your armpits regularly to curb the accumulation of bacteria and also to reduce sweat and odour.


Most importantly, change your clothes often. If you sweat heavily, it’s advisable not to repeat any cloth without washing it. Also, if possible, avoid certain clothes that make you sweat a lot.


For those that work out a lot, wash your gym clothes regularly as it could be a bacteria breeding ground. Also, be sure to change your socks regularly to avoid foot odour.


You can also use deodorant powders in your shoes or foot spray to keep the odour at bay. Remember, bacteria have a hard time breeding in dry areas of the body.


2. Use a strong antiperspirant


As good as deodorants are, they do not prevent sweating. They only mask the smell of the sweat on your skin. Go for a strong antiperspirant that helps to keep the sweat at bay. However, depending on how heavy you sweat, you might need to go for a more powerful antiperspirant.


Applying the antiperspirant at bedtime gives the product a chance to work while you’re not sweating. But ensure you’re clean and dry first.


3. Cut back on certain foods


Foods that tend to make you sweat more, such as hot peppers or spicy foods, might also lead to body odour. Also, foods that have a strong aroma, such as garlic or onions, can seep through the pores and cause body odour. If you notice a particular food makes you sweat a lot, it’s advisable to cut back on it or reduce its intake.


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4. Lime remedy


Lime is an excellent astringent and, therefore, an odour-buster. It contains natural antibacterial compounds that kill odour-causing bacteria without harming healthy bacteria. Continuous use has been proven to eliminate body odour completely.


To use, cut the lime into two and squeeze into your bathing water or rub under your armpit and let the juice settle in. For those with sensitive skin, it is advisable to dilute the lemon juice in water before applying directly to the armpit.


5. Use antibacterial product


Sweat by itself is odourless but, when it comes in contact with bacteria, it produces a certain odour. Antibacterial products like some soaps can help get rid of some bacteria which will then help reduce the odour.


Now that we’ve dealt with body odour, it’s time to get that glowing skin!


Note: If all these tips don’t work, kindly visit your doctor to check for an underlying ailment.

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