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Are You Pronouncing These Five Perfume Brands Correctly?

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So you walk into a supermarket to get your perfume. You pick a bottle or two from the counter, pay and then head home. Later on, you arrange your shelf with these perfumes, then your friends come visiting.


You happily tell them of your latest designer perfumes but then, out of the blue, one of them corrects your pronunciation.


Two things are involved: it’s either you feel embarrassed over the correction, or you don’t care. After all, you bought it with your money; the pronunciation doesn’t matter, right?


In as much as we weren’t colonised by France or Spain, it’s important that we learn how to pronounce brand names properly.


Today we’ll be talking about some top perfume brands that are often mispronounced. We all have been guilty of getting some of the names wrong.


Below is a tutorial on how to properly pronounce five of the top perfume brands in the world.



1. Bvlgari


2. Givenchy


3. Moschino


4. YSL


5. Louis Vuitton


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So you see, it’s pretty simple! With this tutorial, you can pronounce this top perfume brands effortlessly. For more tutorials, ensure you stay glued to all our social media handles.

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