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Life Hack: What To Do When You Forget To Use Deodorant

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This might seem very unlikely to happen because you probably have a routine that’s always worked out. Wake up, shower, apply your deodorant, and everything else follows. But what happens when something goes off in this order? This can be managed if you’d be at the office under an air-conditioned environment, but what happens if you’re on a date or at an important meeting? Don’t sweat it. We’ve got life hacks to alternative deodorising that you can apply.

get rid of body odour

First, don’t panic. Even if you sweat a lot, panicking would only make you perspire more; we don’t want that. Don’t look around at your neighbours wondering if they can smell your armpit, imagining what they could be whispering about. Your actions would only attract unwanted attention your way. Just calm down. It’s not the end of the world.

Secondly, you should try out these deodorising options that are guaranteed to work effectively.

Hand sanitiser

Your hand sanitiser works pretty well as an alternative. It kills bacteria, including odour-causing bacteria, and would be perfect for your armpit. You can apply with a cotton swab or your hand, then leave your armpits open to air dry. The alcohol agent helps dry up the sweat. Once done, move about with your head held high.

Body spray

Although not antiperspirant, the goal is to avoid smelling armpits, so you can pull out your body spray from your bag and spray on both armpits. Leave to dry a bit then move around confidently smelling like a royal.

Anti-bacteria wipes or alcohol swab

If you’re at work, you’re in luck. You can find one of this in a first aid box. Simply wipe your armpit and you’ll be odour free.

Make-up wipes

These are made with a fragrance and would serve as a good alternative to your deodorant.

Soap and water

If you have none of the above handy, you can simply use soap and water to clean up your armpit. A toilet should have just the right-hand soap you need to get the job done.

Deodorising tips to keep your underarms fresh

Prepare ahead

You need to stay prepared in case this happens again. So ensure you have one or all of these items in your handbag. You can also carry a back-up deodorant in your handbag, place one in your office, your car or anywhere else you often are.

Buy one

Most importantly, if you can, walk into a nearby supermarket and buy deodorant. Sure you knew that, but we are super glad you read this because there’s no harm in knowing. So share this to all your friends and let them know about these life hacks too.

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